Actress Chacha Eke Faani Shows Off Pregnancy In New Video, Says She Acts Funny Whenever She Is Pregnant

Nigerian actress Chacha Eke Faani has said that her outburst over her recent marriage was as a result of bipolar disorder.

The film star made this disclosure via a video which she shares online noting that she is still married to her husband Austin.

The actress showed off her baby bump in the video shared adding that she always have crazy reactions during pregnancy and didn’t know the cause until she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

While reacting to her brother Ikechukwu’s post concerning her marriage, the mother of three noted that it’s been almost two years since she saw him.

“Over the years, even before becoming Mrs Faani, there has been an age-long strain between me and the Eke family, so, it’s no surprise that my brother will come to say things that will make the issue drag on,” she stated, telling her brother to stop it as she deserves better from him.

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She also addressed her colleagues who have also spoken up over her recent video. According to her, there is no reason for her colleagues to raise an alarm over her situation as she knows they reached out because of the love they have for her.

Chacha’s brother responded to her claims that it’s been two years that they saw each other last while telling her to enjoy her bipolar.


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