A cross-section of Nigerians have reacted to calls by the Senate Minority Leader, Eyinnaya Abaribe demanding the President’s resignation over the insecurity challenges facing the country.

Abaribe, while contributing to a debate on the floor of the Senate yesterday, said Buhari should resign because his government had failed to proffer solutions to the high rate of insecurity across Nigeria.


In his reaction, the President Buhari, through his Media Aide, Garba Shehu had described the call as “foolish”

However, many Nigerians have continued to express their opinion over the call made by the senate Minority Leader.

A look at the opinion of Nigerians on social media indicate that many support the call for the President’s resignation while others fault the move by Abaribe.

Here are tweets as gathered by DAILY POST:

@TosinOlugbenga: “Senator Abaribe said “This government said if they didn’t perform Nigerians should stone, so we are ready to stone this govt….Those who live by propaganda must die by propaganda”
So he called on the govt headed by @MBuhari to resign. #BuhariResign.”

@Victoria_NGR: “Abaribe is the foolish one madam. You can’t stand surety for a felon who disappeared and the court hasn’t replaced you. Yet, you’re calling for Buhari’s resignation. Is that man not MAD like this? It’s glaring no reasonable people in PDP. Yes, I said it. Abaribe is foolish!!!!”

@DejayYella: “Dear Senator Abaribe, You Spoke The Mind Of %89 Nigerians Today, The Remaining %11 Are Political Slaves. #BuhariResign.”


@DoctorEmto: “I expect Buhari and APC to go after Sen Abaribe for giving us valid reasons the president should resign…

“However, it only makes sense for this #BuhariResign campaign to trend because this is definitely not the Nigeria of our dreams. Worsening insecurity, poverty etc.”

@AbdulMahmud01: “2013. Buhari called for the resignation of GEJ. Nobody threw the kitchen sink at him, knowing his crime for toppling a democratic government in 1983. 2019, he wants to guillotine Abaribe for making same call.”

@RealSolaKuti: “Abaribe from SE Nigeria is the one crying over the insecurity. Demanding the nation applies best practice to leadership.

“The senators from the states ravaged by the crisis are against him. In their small minds Buhari remaining president is more important than saving their people.”

@gbengamola: “Senator Abaribe will be arrested soon for making such a statement, DSS will search his house for incriminating documents. Watch out for his trial soon.”

@UNCLE_AJALA: “In 2013, Buhari asked Goodluck Jonathan to resign over insecurity, in 2020 Senator Abaribe is saying #BuhariResign over insecurity, I know many of you don’t believe in Karma, but what goes around, comes around.”

ChinwaOnah @ChukwudinwaOnah: “@OfficialPDPNig, you and us can ask @MBuhari to resign. However, senator Enyinnaya Abaribe should not. We don’t have the right to impeach @NGRPresident but he and his colleagues in national assembly have such right.He can convince his colleagues to begin impeachment process immediately.”

@Kingsle48560093: “When will the stoning start as we given them additional three years grace? Have we not been patient enough? Those against Sen. Abaribe and claim that Nigerians are in full support of their government should beat their chests and walk free on the street without security guard.”


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