7-day Ultimatum: We’ll continue to raise our voices against injustice – Amnesty Int’l

7-day Ultimatum: We'll continue to raise our voices against injustice - Amnesty Int'l

Amnesty International, Nigeria has reacted to the seven day ultimatum issued by a Nigerian group for it to vacate the country or faces large scale civil disobedience at its offices in Abuja and Lagos.

It will be recalled that the group, Centre for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights, CALSER, in a briefing last Wednesday by it’s convener, Princess Ajibola, asked the human rights watch dog to vacate the country over what it described as it’s jaundiced reports about Nigeria in the wake of the #ENDSARS protest.

The group subsequently, threatened that the civil disobedience will be on the same “scale that innocent police men lynched by mobs were treated during the protest across the country.”

But, Amnesty in a statement on Friday, said this is not the first time it has been given ultimatum to vacate the country by faceless groups in Nigeria who have equally invaded their offices in the country.

Despite threats to our lives, through faceless organizations and sponsored protests, we will not stay silent. In the face of efforts to evade responsibility or to smear our organization, we will continue to raise our voices whenever and wherever we see injustice.

We will continue to call on the Nigerian government to use its authority and resources to investigate all allegations of human rights violations and abuses, including; rape, torture, arbitrary detentions and unlawful killings.


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