There are some profitable business ideas in Nigeria that one can launch right away and earn a sizable profit from.

Having a plan for your business is the first step in beginning one in Nigeria. Putting the tips here into practice, you increase your potential of generating millions of Naira in revenue.

5 Lucrative Business In Nigeria


The greatest moment to launch a successful business in Nigeria with modest funding is right now.

Indeed, this is regardless of whether you’re a student who’s chosen to get into business during breaks and strikes or a person looking for passive income.

This list of five businesses explains why they are the current fastest most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

1.  Fast Food Joint

Eatery business is another goldmine though poor management can kill it.

If you wish to go into this business, be sure to get everything right. One of the first things to get is a good management skill.

You can get a small space at a busy location and start up cooked food business. It requires a little amount of money to startup.

5 Lucrative Business In Nigeria


2.  Dry Cleaning

In Nigeria, there aren’t many professional dry cleaners offering reasonable costs.

What we have are either incredibly expensive professional dry cleaners or substandard dry cleaners who are never able to keep up with demand.

Give them clothes today, and after a week you could meet them unwashed.

If you balance this business by living up to client’s expectations, you will earn money.

5 Lucrative Business In Nigeria

3.  Agro Business

Not including agriculture on a list of the richest industries in Nigeria would not be fair.

And the reason is straightforward – people must eat food.

Since the dawn of time, agriculture has been one of the oldest business, and it is essential to human survival.

Agribusiness is one of the only industries that offer agriculture entrepreneurs a wide range of loan, grant, and funding choices due to its consistently promising future.

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4.  Okrika (Thrift) Business

The trendiest people in the world are probably from Nigeria.

Thanks to the revolution in the Nigerian fashion industry.

There are people who can’t afford luxury wears and they tend go for cheaper wear such as Okrika wear. this affordable clothing is also known as thrift wear.

Starting Okrika business requires little capital with moderate return of profits.

5.  Real Estate

Real estate is one of the universal businesses one can venture into.

The ever-growing population of Nigerians can only mean one thing, everyone needs a roof over their heads.

There are several opportunities in real estate.

Lands are also are a large and lucrative part of real estates.

As with every business, it is vital to carry out due diligence to ensure one look into how feasible it is, so one become aware of its advantages and disadvantages before dabbling into it.

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