Yvonne Jegede has declared war on media personality Chinedu Ani, aka Nedu of the Honest Bunch Podcast.

This was after he threw a shade at her on his Instagram story after she apologized for the statement she made on his podcast.

Yvonne Jegede and Nedu
Yvonne Jegede and Nedu

Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede was invited to the podcast, where she spoke about her marriage failure and other personal issues.


However, she didn’t only speak about herself but went ahead to give her opinion on Yul and May Edochie’s divorce upon his taking a second wife.

Jegede said she didn’t see anything wrong with Yul’s action, as polygamy is the norm in Africa.

This statement didn’t go well with Nigerians who dragged her for “causing more pain” to the already “hurt” estranged wife, May Edochie.

In reaction to this, Yvonne tendered a public apology to May Edochie and every other person who felt hurt by her actions.

However, Nedu slammed Yvonne, asking her to own up to her actions.

In response to Nedu, the furious actress took to her Instagram page to highlight some things she “discovered” about him.


1. Nedu Doesn’t Like Women

According to her, Nedu doesn’t love women and uses his platform to set women up for drags.

“Small-minded people like you rejoice when women attack each other or are trampled upon.

“Check the history of your podcast; it is filled with content targeting women’s self-esteem.
“Perhaps the rumour about you is true—you don’t like women!

“Nedu, there’s nothing wrong with women winning and shining; it doesn’t diminish you or any other man.

2. Yvonne Called Nedu “Narcissistic & Toxic”

The enraged actress said the podcaster has comprehension issues when it comes to apologizing because he is toxic.

“Narcissistic and toxic men like him cannot grasp the importance of apologizing when others feel hurt by your actions, regardless of whether you believe you are right or wrong.”

3. “Nedu Is Selfish”

In addition, the actress who talked about her movie on the podcast said Nedu didn’t promote it at all but rather milked the controversial statements she made for clicks and his personal monetary gain.

“You are so evil that you didn’t even promote “A Father’s Love,” the movie I came to discuss on your show.

“Instead, you were all over my WhatsApp, telling me how much you like me, and now you join the mob and chase clout with your petty post.

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“I was raised to apologize if I was wrong and to those who felt hurt by my actions.”

Right Or Wrong?

While many applauded Yvonne Jegede for owning up to her faults and apologizing, others blamed her for not applying discretion on the podcast.

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