The present administration of President Bola Tinubu may have angered many Nigerians, but for Kenneth Okonkwo, who had thought of joining forces with the candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi to make things better, the anger is even more.

3 Damaging Things Kenneth Okonkwo Said About Tinubu's Regime
Kenneth Okonkwo

As we speak, a video of the Nollywood actor cum politician blasting the Tinubu-led administration for the untold hardship faced by Nigerians has gone viral.

The video which has since been trending was recorded in March, 2024.


In the video, Okonkwo was interviewed by Seun Okin of Channels Television.

During the interview, Kenneth Okonkwo pointed out the many abnormalities embedded in the Tinubu’s regime.

Here, we have highlighted three damaging things the veteran actor said about President Tinubu’s regime.


According to Okonkwo, Hierarchy looms in Nigeria.

He also went on to say that Nigeria is not Lagos State, where Tinubu just seats and decree things and expect it to work that way.

Hierarchy is a system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority.

The Worst Regime

Kenneth Okonkwo revealed that he had thought that Buhari’s government would be the worst, only for the President Bola Tinubu’s regime to surpass it in nine months.



Okonkwo pointed out that the government of president Bola Tinubu in terms of appointment is just concentrating not even on the South West, but only the Lagos enclaves.

Kenneth Okonkwo recently dumped the Labour Party (LP), following the leadership tussle rocking the party.

In a latest interview, the Nollywood veteran has revealed plans to join another party.

Watch the video here:


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