28 suspects nabbed over drug related criminal activities in Abia market

The Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA), has raided a hide-out at Ngwa road Market popularly known as Ahia Ohuru in Aba, and nabbed 28 persons over alleged drug related criminal activities in the area.

The suspects were found in possession Indian hemp, packs of Tramadol tablets worth millions of naira and many banned narcotic substances.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the arrest of the drug dealers at the Aba market during the weekend, the Abia State Commissioner of Trade and Investment, Rt. Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe, said the action was taken after several quit notices by his office to the occupants (Suspects), directing them to vacate the rooftops which they ignored.

His words, “You may recall that during one of my unscheduled visits to Ngwa Road Market (Ahia Ohuru), Aba; I discovered the wonders of the roof top. I observed that able bodied young men had converted those roof tops to a place of criminal activities and refuse dump. I knew that if they are not shown the way out, more and more crime related consequences would follow. I put a call across once more to NDLEA.

“I had expected that the boys would take our ”quit notice” seriously. I was explicit enough to tell them it was no longer business as usual. I informed them that trading only happens when there are deliberate efforts to provide for security of lives and property. Commonsense ought to have told them that they were ‘trading’ drugs and crime in our market.

“National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) led by Commandant Dele, swung into action in a superlative but revealing raid at Ngwa Road, Market Aba. Behold! Our youths were displaying ingenious acts. However for the wrong reasons, the buttons in the well tailored shirt (see photos) have drugs carefully concealed in them. These shirts are exported to different countries in the most illicit manner. There are kingpins at the rooftop who deal in all forms of banned substances and narcotics many was arrested.

“We are craving for skilled persons not those who would use it for illicit drug trafficking or convert our markets to drug stores. It is unfortunate that while we yearn for self employment, this group are inventing all forms of crime and producing young junkies that litter our streets. Can you imagine this water tank rubber cancelling a tramadol banned tablets worth more than millions of naira on top of roof top.

“While they are cooling off at the appropriate detention facilities, it is important to warn that Markets in Abia must be safe heaven for traders and trading. We are not leaving any stone unturned as we seek out those who work hardship for others, those who misuse their talents”.


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