Political/social analysts have supported the moves by Nigerians mostly youth groups agitating for the return of former President, Goodluck Jonathan, as early permutations on the successor of President Mohammadu Buhari begins.


Mr Oribo Einstein, political/social analyst, and Comrade Wisdom Ikuli, also a political analyst, were of the opinion that the 2023 Presidential election will be about personality and not on party basis.

The duo who spoke in a telephone chat with DAILY POST argued that beyond the agitation for his return, the former President has the legitimate and constitutional right to contest.


Mr. Einstein stated that though Jonathan denied recently that he wasn’t nursing any ambition for the 2023 presidency, he (Jonathan) doesn’t need to nurse before becoming.

He further stated that Nigerians have come to see that the only way to salvage the current situation in the country is for the likes of Goodluck Jonathan to come and manage the affairs of the country.


Einstein said that whatever thing that happened in 2015 was for that time, it was the people that also told him to step aside and give someone else a try, so if they feel the person there is doing his best and they need someone to continue so be it.

“The country needs a democrat and a patriotic citizen like him. If the international community are taking advantage of his personality, so do we ignore those facts. Whether its a rumour, in every rumour there’s always an atom of truth in it. Even if he never said it and the people feel like he should, we will also support the move and mobilise because the South-south region had just a single term.

“Sometimes people don’t nurse ambition, it is the citizenry that always call on them for service, and if Nigerians deem it necessary that he should come, we will join hands to plead with him that he shouldn’t hesitate. And for his party(PDP), they should take advantage of his plea, whether he is from the minority or not, I think that has nothing to do this time around because it is even the Northerners that are clamouring for him to come.

According to Comrade Ikuli, “I know so many youth groups already forming alliances and other Nigerians that are prevailing on him, mostly from the North, while the people of the Niger-Delta don’t even know what’s happening.”


Ikuli emphasized that its not optional based on their argument that every region had a two tenure which is eight years, so it was ideal for the South-South to also complete their tenure before moving to another zone, adding that base on that the Southeast has also agreed that they should be allow to complete their term before shifting to another zone.

He said the pressure is on him (Jonathan) to contest based on his past records, noting that when you throw yourself on the people it becomes problematic but when the masses long for you it’s better.


“Jonathan should come and continue from where he stopped, that is the argument. For me, I go with the school of thought that he should come and complete his tenure. Nigerians have always supported and clamoured for him, and for the party(PDP) they should put their house in order because 2023 will not be about the party but about the people. What played out in Bayelsa where it was a partyless system will happen again because Nigerians will take the centre stage, and bring in anybody they so desire.

Meanwhile every efforts put in getting the reaction of the former President through his media aide, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, didn’t yield any positive result, as he never responded to text messages or phone calls.


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